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New Favorite Song

Every now and then I fall in love with a new song…of course the song doesn’t HAVE to be new since I dont really listen to the radio much I’m not up to date with the most current artists or releases.

A few weeks ago while watching American Idol, I heard a band called Lady Antebellum preform their latest single Just a Kiss and fell in love with the song, so I headed off to, looked for the song, downloaded it, then thought why not download their albums, so once again I searched, found and downloaded.

I didn’ care much for all their songs, but out of the two albums I only liked two, All We’d Ever Need from their 2008 album and If I Knew Then from their 2010 album.

I’m going to say that I’m in love with all three songs mentioned here but the one with the best lyrics of all…well at least the If I Knew Then.

‘Cause love only comes
Once in a while
And knocks on your door
And throws you a smile

And takes every breath
Leaves every scar
Speaks through your soul
And sings to your heart

But if I knew then what I know now
I’d fall in love

Now tell me those lyrics aren’t the best ever. Of course All We’d Ever Need wins the award for best song altogether, only because its the GSR anthem.


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