Time for a New Phone?

03 Jun

Ever since reading Carrefour’s latest promotional brochure titled “Time to Upgrade” last night, I’ve been thinking of buying a new mobile phone. I’ve never really bought myself a “new” phone, I’ve either won the phone or bought it used.

My first phone was won in a radio contest, used by my sister then given to me, one of the very first Nokia phones, my second phone also an old Nokia, which I still have lying around somewhere and needs a new battery, was bought used, third phone was given to me by my brother as a gift, it was a Motorola phone with a Windows Mobile OS, a really great phone but would only work with one provider, I can’t remember which one it was. That phone had me fall in love with Motorola so when my brother in law wanted to sell one I bought it right away, it was considered “used” since he got it off of someone who got it from Orange for free and didnt want it, but was actually new. I still have that phone and use it for my Orange line. My current “default” phone is once again a Nokia N96 which I won in a radio contest on Play FM. I’ve had it for over two and a half years and just recently it started giving me a hard time, freezing and restarting, battery life annoyingly short, I’m really starting to hate it.

Now that we’ve covered the history of all my phones over the last 6-7 years ( maybe even 8 ) lets get back to the subject at hand, I think I need a new phone, I really really want an iPhone but they are so expensive and by the time their price goes down a newer cooler version comes out making you really want that one. Blackberry’s seem to be cool, but I’m not really sure about them…so I think I’m going to opt for an Android this time. When I read that there was an offer on Motorola XT5 Android Touch phone I decided that I want THAT phone…first of all it’s a Moto, and second of all its an Android.

I looked it up online, read some reviews and apart from the fact that the 2.1 software needs an upgrade, it has no FM radio (but I can always use my N96 one since I’ll still be keeping it), it only has 256mb or RAM (I dont know how big a deal that is in a phone), and the battery life sucks especially while using apps people seem to like it.

Maybe I’ll go to CityMall sometime next week and check it out. What do you think?

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