Top Ten Reasons Sara Really Came Back to Vegas

17 Jun

I came across this on JFO and decided it was so awesome I had to steal it and post it here.

So in the greatest Letterman tradition, here are your top ten reasons to explain why Sara Sidle came back to Las Vegas:

sara sidle  10. Gil snores.

  9. She had a couple thousand dollars in casino chips to trade in.

  8. She missed the really cheap, all you can eat buffets.

  7. It’s easier to have straight hair when you’re in dry heat!

  6. She’s tired of doing laundry in the jungle.

  5. You can’t get Reeses Peanut Butter Cups in France.

  4. There’s no internet access in a Costa Rican Jungle, and she’s   addicted to Brass’ Twitter account.

  3. Where else can you wear that sexy Elvis costume?

  2. What happens in Vegas … needs to happen again in Vegas.

And the number one reason Sara came back to Vegas is ….

1. The beard itches.

(Click here to view the original post on JFO)

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Posted by on June 17, 2011 in TV & Movies


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