Pics From Down Under

12 Aug

Once again I have a project in mind, of course like all the many other ideas, project and things I’ve started this is probably going to sit in my Google documents unfinished for the next few years until I decide to delete it.Β 

I was going through all the photos I took while I was on vacation in Australia last year for said project, looking for the nicest ones of Australia in general and pics of my niece and nephews (you know since I’m going through all the photos then what the hell, might as well prepare for another project that will never be finished), I found some really nice ones I’d like to share…you know since this blog has been neglected for quite a while.

view from the zoo

A beautiful view of the Sydney Opera House and the city from Toronga Zoo.

get your head out of my ass!

Should I even bother with a comment for this one? LOL!

opera house

View of the Sydney Opera House on a rainy day.

aboriginal dude

Aboriginal street performer dude playing some music at Darling Harbor


Seriously, no comment

dude and his doll

I don’t even know what to say here…lol

And last but not least….


…and by the way, no I did not wake up this early just to write a blog post and publish it…it’s been scheduled.

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