Technology..a Blessing or a Curse

14 Aug

The other day I was sitting on my bed channel surfing and bored, nothing to watch on TV, nothing to do on the computer, and I started to wonder…what the fuck did I do for fun when I had none of the things I have today?

Several years ago I had no job, no internet, no computer or laptop, no cell phone and no satellite TV. The only channels on TV (Syria Arabic channel, Syria English channel, Jordan Arabic channel and Jordan Movie Channel) only 2 of which I watched and they both started their programs at 6pm, and even then there was nothing to watch until 8pm.

So what did I do all day…I would sleep until around 11-12pm and then spend the whole day reading. I have proof of this every time I open my closet and see all the books I have inside…and this doesn’t include all the books and Readers Digests I left behind in Zarka when I moved to Amman…not to mention that I read every book that was worth reading in the Zarka public library. Back in the day I would finish reading a 400+ page novel in a week sometimes even less than a week…now I cant even finish a 300 page novel…I’ve been on this last one for over a year and I only have 47 pages left.

Years ago I watched a mini series on tv starring Patrick Swayze called North and South, and the sequels Love and War and Heaven and Hell…I instantly fell in love with the series so when I came across the first novel in a used book shop I bought and read it and discovered it was even more awesome than the series…I started to look for the other two books, but only found the third one, Heaven and Hell, after several months I gave up looking for Love and War and started reading Heaven and Hell but couldnt get past the first chapter…I felt that something was missing.

Last year when I was vacationing in Australia I was in Paddy’s Market and passed by a used book stall, I started looking around and guess what I finally found!

I finally found you!!

And sadly I still haven’t started reading it because I still need to finish reading the last 47 pages of that CSI novel.

Now my job takes up over 9 hours of my day..I occasionally go to the gym so that’s another 2 hours, and when I get home I’m too tired to do anything that requires using my brain, I don’t even cook anymore, so for about 2 hours I either sit on my bed with my laptop and check my FB every 10 minutes while I channel surf…or watch one or two of the many shows I download…but even that I sometimes save for the weekend..and then I sleep..and they cycle begins again.

So is technology a blessing or a curse…in my case it’s a keeps me distracted from doing other other words…I have no life.


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2 responses to “Technology..a Blessing or a Curse

  1. lullaby79

    August 15, 2011 at 00:40

    I agree ! I miss reading !!!


    • aussieforgood

      August 15, 2011 at 00:45

      I know…its either FB, tv, movies, downloaded shows…no time to read at all!



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