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…And Every Day After That

Maybe this is how we should face whatever bugs us in life…and idiots…

and not a single fuck was given ever ;)

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Wise Words

We should work less and stay healthy, never give a crap about things that haven’t happened, or even better yet, don’t waste your energy and peace of mind worrying about things you have no control over, enjoy the present and live life like we’re going to die tomorrow. 

Listen to the dude!


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Bye Bye Firefox

Firefox you can go to hellAt first I was a faithful user of Internet Explorer, I couldn’t even stand Firefox until one day, a few years ago, I got about 50 viruses on my PC (thank you Norton) and kept getting a bunch of fake pop ups every few seconds as a result of those viruses, so I cleaned up my PC (with the best antivirus ever, Kaspersky) and moved on to Firefox.

I could say that I’ve been using Firefox since 3 was released and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been happy…until now.

It’s been going on for several months, but yesterday was the last straw. You see, Firefox keeps freezing on me, I can’t even browse anything on the net anymore without having to wait a few minutes for it to respond.

A few nights ago after I restarted Firefox, I logged onto Facebook and OMG I saw ads! And at the same time realized that my theme was not the pitch black one I’m used to. It turns out that for some reason the theme was reset to default and Adblock Plus was uninstalled.

Last night when Firefox froze it didn’t recover, I waited several minutes and nothing, I opened task manager and clicked end process several times, nothing, I tried to reboot my PC and it wouldn’t reboot because Firefox was being a non responsive asshole so I had to unsafely reboot my PC.

Needless to say that as soon as my PC started up, I made Google Chrome my default browser and imported my passwords, history, bookmarks and whatever else I needed from FF and haven’t looked back.

So far, I’m happy with Google Chrome, I have no complaints and I’m even surprised at how fast it is compared to Firefox.


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Diet Coke or Regular?

Once upon a time I used to wonder why anyone would order a fast food meal full of calories but insist on a diet I swear I didnt order this one!beverage instead of a regular one which only has around 160 calories. I mean, if you’re gonna be eating a meal that totals 1000+ calories why would you care about an extra 160?

Now I totally get it. After ordering fast food twice this week, a Sbarro Stromboli and a Hardees Grilled Chicken Burger with Fries, both with a regular coke I found myself regretting not asking for a diet coke instead, why, because then I wouldn’t have gone over my calorie limit for the day, or would have been able to snack on something else later on when I got hungry again in the middle of the night and not having to worry about the extra calories. (Yes sadly I do count calories)

So as of today I’m not going to make fun of those people anymore because I’m considering becoming one of them too…on the rare occasions where I eat fast food.

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