It’s a Freezer in Here!

03 Dec

It looks like this winter is going to be a REALLY cold one. In the past I’d usually stop wearing my t-shirts and move on to long sleeves in mid December, and then move onto heavy jumpers in January. This year I started wearing my winter PJ’s in November and am already considering taking out the heavy jumpers tomorrow.

The fact that my apartment is on the 4th story, and that there are no more apartments above mine doesn’t help much either because when it rains all the cold seeps in through the roof and the house becomes a huge freezer, then it stays ice cold for the next few weeks, then it rains again and the cycle continues all winter so that the house is never warm. Right at this moment I’m pretty sure that if I took something out of the freezer it would never thaw out, I don’t even think I need a freezer at the moment. I’m also pretty sure that if I wanted to get slightly warmer I could probably open the fridge and stand in front of it since it’s most likely a lot warmer than the apartment, and it would save me from opening the heater and getting a really high electricity bill next month.

This year my hands won’t get warm (it’s a first), my toes are usually the problem and that’s always solved by wearing 2 pairs of socks but I don’t think you can wear socks on your hands…plus it would be impossible to type, or browse the internet, or use the remote. Yes, I know they invented gloves but I cant STAND anything tight around my you still can’t type with gloves on. Also the only gloves I have at home (which are not even mine because I would never buy any) are made of wool and I would never wear or put on anything made of wool…for some reason I can’t even stand touching the stuff. 

As much as I love winter, I wish I could take the next 4 months off work and spend that time in both the UAE and Australia where it’s nice and HOT. Hell I’d even settle for working from there..I just want to feel warm again. 

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Posted by on December 3, 2011 in Random Blah


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