A Review of Doctor Who – Part I

19 Jan

Part One – Why I Started Watching a Show I Never in a Million Years Thought I’d Like

10th and 11th Doctors

A few years ago a very good friend of mine told me that I had to start watching Doctor Who, I think it was in it’s first or second back then. I’m sad to say that I ignored her, you see I’m one of those people who hate anything even remotely related to science fiction, I hate aliens, space, spaceships, shows set on planets other than Earth or set in spaceships (this goes for books, movies and television) and I really hate shows that replace the main actors(s) and then having a totally different dude play the same character.

This hatred of all things spacey” comes from being forced to watch, or should I say put up with, Star Trek the Next Generation & Babylon 5, with my siblings. It was back when we only had 4 television channels to watch and only one aired dramas in English, so if I wasn’t out on the balcony spying on the neighbors and watching people come and go outside, then I was stuck inside while that crap was on. Winters were the worst because then it was either freeze to death in your room or watch that crap with your siblings in the warm living room next to the heater.

But that wasn’t the only reason I refused to watch Doctor Who. I have these distant memories of it airing on TV in Australia back in the 80’s (I was like 8 or 9 I think, but I could have been much younger) and I remember hating it, although I have no idea why I did.

Then when Doctor Who was in it’s 5th season, another friend started telling me how cool it was and saying that I’d love it, she then linked me to a clip of The Doctor and his fez on YouTube, which I have to admit that I liked, so I told her that as soon as I had time I would try out a few episodes. (You see how lucky I am, I’m blessed with friends who have exceptional taste in television shows so I’m kinda screwed because right now I’m addicted to more shows than I can watch or download)

Over a year later I decided it was time to see if this show was even worth watching (not because two awesome people tried to convince me to watch, and not because winter hiatus was coming up in the USA and this year I’d have nothing to watch for a few weeks until my shows were back, and not because I finally had a chance to download all the episodes and specials while I was visiting my sister who has super fast internet compared to mine, but because The Bloggess tweeted that she’d started watching it and that it was awesome..yes this is a true story)

this is the tweet that got me addicted

Although for me it went more like this:

Episode 1: Hmmm, killer plastic….interesting.

Episode 2: Ewww, aliens…this is stupid, total crap.


So the question I keep asking myself now is, “OMG! What the fuck took me so long to watch this!”

I think it’s time to end this post but before I do, keep this in mind, the review (or reviews) that will follow this later on are written by someone who, yes, is addicted to a million and one shows already (mostly crime shows), but also hates all shows like this one…every single thing I swore I’d never ever watch is in this show and let me tell you that it really is amazing, maybe Beiber (gag) was right…never say never.

TBC in: A Review of Doctor Who – Part II

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