Back in Civilization!

13 Feb


Yes, I know I haven’t been updating this blog lately and that my third and supposedly final installation of my Doctor Who reviews is still in my drafts waiting until I find some time to finish it. The reason for this is that I’m in Australia on a much needed vacation, from both the stress I was under at work, the cold cold winter in Jordan this year, and the horrible cough I had because of my stupid allergies (which I’m happy to say suddenly disappeared two days after I left), seriously though, who gets allergies in the winter?

The weather here is beautiful, it’s supposed to be summer…well the end of summer anyway, so I expected it to be hot with lots of sun, but instead it turns out to be perfect, the kind of weather I’d always wished for, cool, like you’ve got a permanent air conditioner on, showers, lots of clouds, some sun, occasional heat…its just awesome.

It’s also nice to finally be in a civilized country where you’re greeted with a smile and a “hi, how are you”, wherever you go instead of a kashra (frown) which is something Jordan is famous for, and a “have a nice day” when you leave.

I’ve decided to enjoy this vacation to the max and do things I never get to do in Jordan because I simply have no time, even though I’m only here for 5 weeks before I head back to the desert, stopping in the UAE for a week before I go back home to the same old routine of work and sleep.

Like the last time I was here, and to keep the weight gain to a minimum since it’s inevitable, I’m going to the gym at least three days a week, but I’m aiming for five (thanks to my wonderful and awesome sister in law who once again signed me up as a gift).

I also signed up for swimming lessons, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I did take swimming lessons when I was in school for a couple of years but I never actually learnt how to swim.

I also found this AMAZING coffee place which is a 10 minute walk from my brothers place and a 5 minute walk from the gym, and yes I do make regular detours there a few times a week.

And lets not forget that I plan to do lots and lots of shopping as well!!


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2 responses to “Back in Civilization!

  1. Aseel

    February 14, 2012 at 12:37

    😀 enjoy it you deserve it habboleh!!! every time i see one of your “at the gym” updated status i smile 🙂 hope you are having WONDERFUL time habboleh w ma t5alle she be nefsek!!! 😀 take lots of pictures! add me to one of them hehehe


    • aussieforgood

      February 14, 2012 at 13:07

      Thanks haboolty, am having so much fun and inshallah I won’t and maybe I’ll photoshop you in one of my pics lol.



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