Happy Blogiversary to A Whole Lot of Blah!

14 Apr

Yep one whole year of blah!

One year ago today (to the exact minute this post was published) I started A Whole Lot of Blah and published  my first blog post. (No I’m not talking about my first blog post ever, since I have other neglected blogs around the internet that I used to update before I started this one, but my first one on A Whole Lot of Blah.)

I never thought I’d ever update it past that first one but after a several months I realized that I’d been updating at least a few times a month, so I set a goal for myself, to update at least once a month for a year…and as my two year old niece would say whenever she climbed up onto my bed and jumped off: “I DID IT!”  

I’m hoping that I continue posting on a monthly basis for another year…and another..and another…who knows how much blah I can come up with for the near future.

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