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Remember That One Time…When You Had a Life?

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When I Grow Up I Wanna Be….

When I say I wanna be a "doctor"

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13 Things I Will Do One Day

1- Make vanilla pudding. Put in mayo jar. Eat in public.

2- Hire two private investigators. Get them to follow each other.

3- Wear shirt that says “Life.” Hand out lemons on street corner.

4- Get into a crowded elevator and say “I bet you’re all wondering why I gathered you here today.”

5- Major in philosophy. Ask people WHY they would like fires with that.

6- Run into a store, ask what year it is. When someone answers, yell “It worked!” and run out cheering.

7- Become a doctor. Change last name to Acula.

8- Change name to Simon. Speak in third person.

9- Buy a parrot. Teach the parrot to say “Help! I”ve been turned into a parrot.”

10- Follow joggers around in your car blasting “Eye of the Tiger” for encouragement.

11- Wait until someone is about to sneeze. Right before they do, loudly scream “PIKA PIKAAAAA.”

12- Buy a horse. Name it “Oscar Takes the Lead”, enter it in horse races.

13- Invite someone into your office, turn around in office chair and say. “I’ve been expecting you….”


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Inkitab’s Price-Less Book Fair

Earlier this week a friend shared this on Facebook:

total fail

I spent the next few days super excited about it. How could I not be. It sounded too good to be true, super cheap books and as I went through the images on Inkitab’s Facebook page, the collection of used English novels seemed promising and pretty cool.

Before the event

Apparently though I’d been excited over nothing, the whole event, in my opinion, was a huge FAIL. It was completely disorganized, the books were categorized by price, not by topic & language, plus all the books were sold out before the first hour was over. I suspect that the good stuff was sold way before the fair even started. My friend and I got there a little after 5 and there was nothing left but crap. I feel sorry for the people who got there after seven.

The fair was set up on Paris Circle in Jabal Lweibdeh, which was way too small for the event given the amount of people who showed up, if you wanted to see what was left on the tables you had push through dozens of people just to be able to look over someones shoulder to see what was left.

Too many people, no room to see anything

I’m happy to say the afternoon didn’t go to waste, we ended up going to Mecca Mall, had coffee, walked around a bit and then went home. 


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this is what fridays are for

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