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Can’t Even Think Straight Enough to Come Up With a Title

…it’s making me go all wibbly wobbly on the insidy widy.

Wibbly wobbly every timey wimey

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The Doctor Did It!!!

The Doctor Saved Us


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Happy Doomsday!


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RIP Espresso Machine

coffeeYesterday my espresso machine died on me while I was making my morning coffee. Thankfully I’d already gotten the espresso part out of the way and had just started steaming the milk when the steamer suddenly stopped working. I thought that I’d run out of water, which I was weird since I used the same amount as usual, but I filled her up again and waited for the steam to start. I waited….and waited…and waited, but nothing happened. I was already late for work so I just heated my milk the old fashioned way, on the stove, poured it over the espresso and left everything as is.

In the evening, after I got back home from work I decided to give it another go…I’m one of those people who think that if you leave something alone long enough it magically¬†heals¬†repairs itself and starts working again. But alas, it was still broken…how foolish of me to think it would repair itself that quickly…so I put it away (the last thing I need is a daily reminder that I have to use instant coffee again on the kitchen counter) until I can find someone who can fix it.

I’m already going through some severe “I need really good coffee” withdrawals, it’s only been a day, but I’m dreading a weekend without any proper coffee. I’m considering either just buying a new espresso machine or investing temporarily in a mocha pot (good luck finding one that isn’t super expensive in Jordan).¬†And this is where I regret not buying that awesome mocha pot I found in IKEA when I was vacationing in the UAE. It was a little expensive but I didn’t get it because I stupidly thought I didn’t need one since, you know, I had an espresso maker that works just fine. Dammit! I’m an idiot.

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