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Best Doctor Who Quote Ever

“His is bigger than mine and it has a bit that comes out of the end and lights up.” David Tennant on Matt Smith’s Sonic Screwdriver

DOTD-ten and eleven compare sonics day of the doctor


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One Does Not Simply Question Their Love Story

I don’t think they really ever question it, they just get on with it but there’s this kinda suggestion, you know, that there may be some romance. I think she’s quiet in love with him.  – Billie Piper

david and billie-ten and rose


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You’d Wanna be Able to Run Flat Out

Just in terms of acting a scene like that, if Rose is over there, and she’s all you want in the universe, and you’re desperate to get to her, you’d wanna be able to run flat out, don’t ya. – David Tennant



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Another Heartbreak, Another Tragedy

There’s a part of her that feels very comfortable and very attracted to this new doctor because he is the same guy, but clearly he’s not and clearly she’s saying goodbye to this other man that she’s been in love with. For the doctor himself there’s just another heartbreak and another tragedy and he’s back on bad wolf bay were he last experienced this, he’s saying goodbye again and bidding farewell again and this time it’s closing forever and there’s no going back. And in gifting her this other doctor he’s not really allowing himself to go back either. – David Tennant 

ten 2 - rose


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It Goes Against all the Laws of Space and Time, and Yet…

doctor who

“The whole thing has been building up to them meeting each other. You couldn’t bring rose back and deny her a meeting with the doctor.” – David Tennant

doctor who

He knows that rose mustn’t come back and that it goes against all the laws of space and time, and yet the chance to get to see her again is clearly something that he’s very excited about and delighted by. – David Tennant

doctor rose


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It Was Decided for Her

Having experienced this crazy supernatural stuff, it’s just heartbreaking; the thought of never having to do that again with the man that she loves. In the end it’s not really her choice it’s been decided for her. – Billie Piper


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doctor rose

When the doctor met rose, that was a very different doctor, that was a lonely, damaged man; his entire planet had been wiped out. Rose helped him move on from his terrible grief he’s been dealing with. She knocks off the time lord edges and humanizes him just as he time lords her. They were what the other was lacking, they are inseparable. – Russell T Davis

doctor rose


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