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Check out my Redbubble Store!

Looking for cool stickers, phone cases, t-shirts and more? Well, look no further because I finally have a Redbubble shop!

It’s only about a month old, but I do try and post several new designs weekly. I’m still trying to see what kind of content is more popular before I stick to one theme so enjoy the randomness.

You’ll find quotes from tv shows, various prints and patterns, photos, as well as other designs. I can take requests, and if you like something but don’t like the colour of background colour or want it in another colour to match something then you can drop me a bubblemail and let me know what it is you want and I can change it around for you.

Click here to visit my redbubble shop, and I hope you find something you like.

Here are some of my designs from the sticker page.


Oh, and if Redbubble isn’t your thing, I’ve also set up a store on Threadless and SunFrog, so go check them out. Just a warning that there’s not that much stuff up on those stores yet, because they need more work than Redbubble to set up and require different dimensions for different designs.


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Goodnight Raggedy Man

doctor who raggedy man

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Best Doctor Who Quote Ever

“His is bigger than mine and it has a bit that comes out of the end and lights up.” David Tennant on Matt Smith’s Sonic Screwdriver

DOTD-ten and eleven compare sonics day of the doctor


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Doctor’s Note

Since I won’t be watching The Day of the Doctor live with the rest of the world, maybe I can take a “sick day” off work tomorrow and hand in this note, all I have to do is change Saturday to Sunday and I’m set…

doctors note

On a side note: ONLY 4 HOURS TO GO!!!

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The Day of The Doctor

I tried so hard not to spoil myself by looking at any promo pics or the trailer but I was too weak…I caved as soon as I accidentally saw a few screenshots from the trailer on Instagram. Seeing a picture of Ten and Eleven comparing sonics, ( no it’s not a euphemism for anything, they were comparing their sonic screwdrivers), made me hunt down that trailer so that I could watch the whole thing. I mean come on, how can you stay strong when you see this…and yes, Eleven’s IS bigger than Ten’s…now get your dirty mind out of the gutter!


And then came the search for any and all promo pics.

day of the doctor ten rose eleven clara

I am a little disappointed that we’re not going to see Ten AND Rose like I was hoping we would. I really wanted it to be Rose & Ten when they were together. We all know that rose is in it, but judging by all the pictures I’ve seen she doesn’t seem to be there as a companion, maybe she’s the Bad Wolf, or some other version of herself. I keep wondering why she’s in rags and is it even Rose?

rose and the doctor

When you look at the pictures with both Rose & Ten, which aren’t many, it’s obvious that he isn’t aware of her presence. It’s a little sad because it seems like the events of The Day of The Doctor take place after Journey’s End, when he leaves Rose with the meta-crisis Doctor, Ten II.

rose ten and eleven

I still have my fingers crossed. I want to see Ten’s reaction when he sees Rose again, Eleven’s reaction too. The Doctor after all is still the same man, and Rose is his soul-mate.

There are other questions running through my mind, questions I hope Steven Moffat has answers to. One of those questions is that if John Hurt is the 9th incarnation of The Doctor, meaning Nine us really Ten and Ten is really Eleven and so on, then why didn’t Nine (Christopher Eccleston) recognize Rose in the first episode of the reboot? Clearly he’s met her here…or can he not see her?

That’s enough rambling for now…whatever the answers are and however the 50th anniversary special plays out I’m still excited to have my Doctor back. Even if it is only for a little over an hour.Just look at how adorable he looks when he’s playing with one of his timey wimey devices:

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

And finally, if you haven’t already seen The Night of the Doctor which is the prequel to The Day of the Doctor, aka the one where Eight regenerates into John Hurt then here it is!

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Only 3 More Days Until They Save the Day!


And the real countdown has finally begun.

I would have expected myself to be posting about how excited I am every day this week…eh, blame real life, too many shows to watch and my stupid laptop for the lack of posts.


There are only 3 more days until The Day of The Doctor airs. Well…4 days for me since I won’t be able to watch it until the next day night. Unfortunately I’m not going to get to see it live here in Jordan, meaning I’ll have to wait until it airs so that I can download “acquire” it. That of course won’t be until after midnight since we’re 3 hours ahead of the UK. And thanks to my moody internet the download probably won’t finish for at least 3 or 4 hours. I have work the next day so I’ll be forced to sleep. Oh and knowing what a bitch my computer is and has been lately, I’m willing to bet that it’ll keep overheating and switching off that night so my download will never finish…and if that happens then there goes my plan to wake up at 7am just to watch it…not that I will anyway, no matter how much I love The Doctor and how excited I am to watch this, I love sleep more.

And on a side note…oh look…isn’t that Four’s scarf!!??

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

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Finales – Round One: Lets Start With Bones and The Good Wife

Yep It’s that time of year again.

This past season I’ve been going spoiler free, and during this time I’m taking extra care to stay away from any kind of spoilers…and when I say spoiler free I mean I’m not reading any real spoilers but I do have a tiny idea of what will be happening in most of the shows I watch…well the ones I really care about. And I have to admit going spoiler free is more fun.

I’m going to be reviewing try and review all my shows final episodes… of course this is if I don’t get too lazy, start a blog post and leave it sitting in my drafts folder till next year (Yes I did that last year and it’s still sitting with a million other drafts).

SPOILER ALERT: If you havn’t watched The Good Wife and Bones Finales then RUN Away NOW!!

Let me start with the two finales that have aired (earlier than usual) so far:

The Good WifeThe Good Wife:

Yes the finale was awesome.

It was an interesting and pretty much predictable episode, nothing special. Who thought for even a second that Peter was going to loose the election? Exactly.

The one thing that did surprise me was the end, that whole time I thought that she was waiting for Will in her apartment and was genuinely surprised when she opened the door and Carey was standing there. It didn’t even cross my mind that he was the one she called. Of course what came next was no surprise since it was Carey at the door….Season 5 is going to be VERY VERY interesting.


Frankly, it sucked. I felt that the previous episode was better finale material than this one. When did Moffat start writing for Bones? Wait. You know if he did write the episode at least it would have been much more intriguing and twisted…and probably more fun.

The episode was ok, nothing more, nothing less. The writing was poor and lazy. Pelant being THAT powerful, totally unbelievable and that “cliffhanger” if it can even be considered one, didn’t have me looking forward to the new season like in the previous years. This was even more disappointing than the coma dream episode a few years back.

It was a very stupid & cruel move to have bones FINALLY propose (which we knew was coming right from the begging) and then have booth reject her by the end of the episode (which once again was pretty obvious from the minute she asked him to marry her that it wasn’t going to end on a happy note)…well forced to reject her propsal, which again is epically dumb and just proves what I’ve been saying from the beginning of the season: the writers are running out of ideas and have no more imagination.

I’m sorry but I really feel that it’s time to put the show out of its misery (and it seems that it may be heading into it’s final season because it’s moving to Fridays this coming fall). I was surprised or better yet shocked that it got an early pick up this year because the whole season was super lame and really boring. There were only 2 good episodes, and I don’t see next season getting any better. Either the writers have NO idea how to write for a couple or they’ve just given up (or both).

I’m certain that if it wasn’t for Emily’s real life pregnancy Booth & Bones would never have gotten together and in my opinion having Christine definitely ruined the show, motherhood does not suit Bones.

So much for the happy ending.

I just hope that my other shows have better finales.

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