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The Olympics are Here!

I’m not a huge fan of sports and so I don’t really care for the Olympics, the only parts I like are the opening and closing ceremonies (isn’t that what the Olympics are about), the rest for me is just blah. 


A few hours ago the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony ended and the Olympic Games were declared officially open…the ceremony was really good especially when following the #openingceremony hash tag which was trending on twitter, lots of funny tweets there. 

My favorite part of the ceremony was Chariots of Fire, although my first thought was, beh, I don’t want to listen to an orchestra for the next 5 minutes until I looked up and there was Mr Bean “ruining it’ for everyone. I couldn’t stop laughing. 

I still can’t work out why would they dedicate a whole 10 minutes (more or less) to the NHS. Really? Why?

The Queen who was escorted to the ceremony via helicopter by “James Bond” where both of them parachuted out of it presumably into the stadium (I’m really sure that it wasn’t her and was most likely a stunt double), was sitting there looking bored the whole time…or she was just behaving like a queen, it’s really hard to tell the two apart unless you are royalty.

Before the ceremony was over the “queen memes” started showing up on the interwebs. 

I’m 100% sure this is what she was thinking the whole time, mainly because I was thinking it too: 

Apparently we weren’t the only ones hoping for “The Doctor” to show up:

A worldwide WTF moment went out to the German dignitary greeting his team…I see a World War 3 in our future…or maybe he’s just a huge Hitler fan: 

And the one new thing we all learnt from this…a British dude invented the internet! Who would have known!

Finally, here are some more funny tweets:

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