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Doctor’s Note

Since I won’t be watching The Day of the Doctor live with the rest of the world, maybe I can take a “sick day” off work tomorrow and hand in this note, all I have to do is change Saturday to Sunday and I’m set…

doctors note

On a side note: ONLY 4 HOURS TO GO!!!

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Only 3 More Days Until They Save the Day!


And the real countdown has finally begun.

I would have expected myself to be posting about how excited I am every day this week…eh, blame real life, too many shows to watch and my stupid laptop for the lack of posts.


There are only 3 more days until The Day of The Doctor airs. Well…4 days for me since I won’t be able to watch it until the next day night. Unfortunately I’m not going to get to see it live here in Jordan, meaning I’ll have to wait until it airs so that I can download “acquire” it. That of course won’t be until after midnight since we’re 3 hours ahead of the UK. And thanks to my moody internet the download probably won’t finish for at least 3 or 4 hours. I have work the next day so I’ll be forced to sleep. Oh and knowing what a bitch my computer is and has been lately, I’m willing to bet that it’ll keep overheating and switching off that night so my download will never finish…and if that happens then there goes my plan to wake up at 7am just to watch it…not that I will anyway, no matter how much I love The Doctor and how excited I am to watch this, I love sleep more.

And on a side note…oh look…isn’t that Four’s scarf!!??

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

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Is It November Yet?

There are no words to describe how I feel seeing Ten and Eleven on the same poster. Only 2 and a half months to go!

The day of the doctor promo pic

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One Does Not Simply Question Their Love Story

I don’t think they really ever question it, they just get on with it but there’s this kinda suggestion, you know, that there may be some romance. I think she’s quiet in love with him.  – Billie Piper

david and billie-ten and rose


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Guess Who’s Returning for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!

I’ve had my fingers crossed for the last few months, hoping that this would happen and guess what…IT DID!! David Tennant & Billie Piper (Ten & Rose) will be in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special!

I’m expecting some sort of trip to or from the alternate universe, I really don’t want a made up flashback, or the doctor crossing his own timeline. I want closure, I want to see how Rose and the human Doctor have been doing in the alternate universe…and I want to see some romance between those two.

Ten & Rose will be back!

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You’d Wanna be Able to Run Flat Out

Just in terms of acting a scene like that, if Rose is over there, and she’s all you want in the universe, and you’re desperate to get to her, you’d wanna be able to run flat out, don’t ya. – David Tennant



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Another Heartbreak, Another Tragedy

There’s a part of her that feels very comfortable and very attracted to this new doctor because he is the same guy, but clearly he’s not and clearly she’s saying goodbye to this other man that she’s been in love with. For the doctor himself there’s just another heartbreak and another tragedy and he’s back on bad wolf bay were he last experienced this, he’s saying goodbye again and bidding farewell again and this time it’s closing forever and there’s no going back. And in gifting her this other doctor he’s not really allowing himself to go back either. – David Tennant 

ten 2 - rose


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