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Diet Coke or Regular?

Once upon a time I used to wonder why anyone would order a fast food meal full of calories but insist on a diet I swear I didnt order this one!beverage instead of a regular one which only has around 160 calories. I mean, if you’re gonna be eating a meal that totals 1000+ calories why would you care about an extra 160?

Now I totally get it. After ordering fast food twice this week, a Sbarro Stromboli and a Hardees Grilled Chicken Burger with Fries, both with a regular coke I found myself regretting not asking for a diet coke instead, why, because then I wouldn’t have gone over my calorie limit for the day, or would have been able to snack on something else later on when I got hungry again in the middle of the night and not having to worry about the extra calories. (Yes sadly I do count calories)

So as of today I’m not going to make fun of those people anymore because I’m considering becoming one of them too…on the rare occasions where I eat fast food.

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