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Snowpocalypse 2015


Wednesday 7th January 2015


Wednesday 7th January 2015 (a few hours later)


Friday 9th January 2015

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And It’s That Time of Year Again Where…

baby it's cold outside

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Happy February the 14th…I Mean Valentine’s Day

This year Tawjihi (the general secondary exam in Jordan) results for the first semester coincided with Valentine’s Day…and as per the Jordanian custom, there were plenty of gunshots heard everywhere to celebrate passing the semester.

So if you’re a foreigner and this was your first visit to Jordan and you heard gunshots all day, it wasn’t because of some angry dad/uncle/brother shooting at their daughter’s/niece’s/sister’s boyfriend for sending her flowers or chocolates…it was just a bunch of teenagers and their families celebrating their success the Arab way.


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RIP Espresso Machine

coffeeYesterday my espresso machine died on me while I was making my morning coffee. Thankfully I’d already gotten the espresso part out of the way and had just started steaming the milk when the steamer suddenly stopped working. I thought that I’d run out of water, which I was weird since I used the same amount as usual, but I filled her up again and waited for the steam to start. I waited….and waited…and waited, but nothing happened. I was already late for work so I just heated my milk the old fashioned way, on the stove, poured it over the espresso and left everything as is.

In the evening, after I got back home from work I decided to give it another go…I’m one of those people who think that if you leave something alone long enough it magically heals repairs itself and starts working again. But alas, it was still broken…how foolish of me to think it would repair itself that quickly…so I put it away (the last thing I need is a daily reminder that I have to use instant coffee again on the kitchen counter) until I can find someone who can fix it.

I’m already going through some severe “I need really good coffee” withdrawals, it’s only been a day, but I’m dreading a weekend without any proper coffee. I’m considering either just buying a new espresso machine or investing temporarily in a mocha pot (good luck finding one that isn’t super expensive in Jordan). And this is where I regret not buying that awesome mocha pot I found in IKEA when I was vacationing in the UAE. It was a little expensive but I didn’t get it because I stupidly thought I didn’t need one since, you know, I had an espresso maker that works just fine. Dammit! I’m an idiot.

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If You Did This…

Yep, I used to do this all the time.

When I was 6 we stayed in Jordan for a year, my uncle’s place had this weird tiny hallway on the right next to the entrance that had a dead end, it was slightly narrower than a doorway and they used it for storage. My cousins and I would climb all the way to the top, touch the ceiling, and jump down. It was so much fun!

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And it’s that time of the vacation where the countdown towards the end begins. I’m down to my last five days here in Australia, I’d really love to stay for a few more weeks but I don’t have the vacation days to do so.

I’m going to miss the “land down under” so much, and apart from missing my adorable niece, nephews, brother and my awesome sister in law I’m going to miss the grass, trees, sidewalks, being able to stand at a pedestrian crossing and having the cars actually STOP for you and wait until you’ve crossed (seriously the feeling is amazing), the fruit that tastes like it’s supposed to, being greeted at checkout counters and in stores with a smile and a “hi how are you”, and FRESH low fat milk. But the thing I’m going to miss the most is the amazing coffee at Di Pacci, I’ve never tasted coffee that good anywhere, not even Second Cup UAE, and lets face it, all the coffee in Jordan sucks in comparison to both.


My vacation doesn’t end next week, not yet anyway, I still have another week or freedom after I leave Australia before I have to go back to work and I’m spending it with my sister in the UAE. 

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Dammit, I Missed Out…AGAIN!

So this time it really snowed in Jordan, and judging from the pictures my friends have been posting on Facebook (and the ones below which I stole from Milton), it looks awesome! 

It’s been years since Jordan’s seen so much snow. 

And over here on the other side of the world it’s been raining for the last few days and they’ve issued flood warnings for some areas in New South Wales.


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