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It’s Like It Has a Mind of Its Own…I Swear

schizophrenic tv

I live alone and have three TVs in my apartment, only one of which actually work. I have one in the living room, one in what was my parents bedroom before they moved back to our home in Zarka, and the only working one is of course in my bedroom. 

The TV in my parents bedroom works, but the satellite cable needs to be replaced because the current one is so old it’s fallen apart, the satellite also needs re-positioning and since I can’t do all that on my own, I just ignore its existance. 

The one in the living room is hooked to the same satellite dish the TV in my bedroom is hooked to, the receiver is fine too, but I swear the TV has a mind of its own. You see, one day you turn it on and it’s fine, you spend a week or two watching stuff on it, then one day a few weeks later, you turn it on to watch something while you’re in the kitchen and it’s suddenly stopped working and all you’re getting is that damn blank blue screen. This “mood swing” will go on for several weeks until one day you turn it on and guess what, it’s working again. 

The last time I watched something on it, or should I say the last time it was working was last summer. It’s refused to work since then, and this has been the longest “mood swing” until now, so I just gave up and decided to ignore the damn thing until it got over itself.

Then last night, almost a year later, I had a dream. I don’t remember the details but someone or something told me to open the TV because it was working again, the same someone or something also told me never to turn it off. I know, weird, right? 

I remembered this dream at work so I told myself I’d give it a try as soon as I got home. After I had my dinner and watched the latest episode of Unforgettable, I went to the living room and turned the TV on expecting to get the blue screen as usual. But surprise surprise, as soon as I switched it to AV2 it worked!

So since that part of my dream came true, I’ve decided to take the advice of whoever or whatever it was that told me to keep the TV on forever, and never turn it off. Well not literally, I’m not going to turn it off using the power button or pull the plug out. I am however going to use the off button on the remote instead, since that will keep the TV on AV2. Of course I’m hoping that this will work, unless there’s a power outage, then I’ll cross my fingers and hope that when I turn it back on again and switch to AV2 it’ll still be working.

Its not like I’m really gonna be sitting in the living room from now on watching it since I’d rather be in bed while I watch my shows, but it would be nice to have a TV on when I’m in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes. I suspect the real reason I haven’t cooked much this past year is because I haven’t had anything to keep me entertained while I spend a few hours in the kitchen. 


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