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Eid Mubarak!

May you gain several kilos from eating lots of kaek (كعك), ma’moul (معمول) and chocolate.

May you end up with insomnia from drinking too much arabic coffee (قهوة سادة).

May you have a wonderful 3 days off…if you work. 

So have a happy Eid and “Every year and you’re ok” (كل عام و انتم بخير)


eid mubarak...baaaaaa


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Déjà Vu

Lately I’ve been getting these feelings of déjà vu. I have a dream, then weeks, months maybe even years later that thing I dreamed about becomes a reality…well not exactly how I dreamed it but it’s pretty close.

I had this exact feeling was last week, I was invited to a friends place for iftar along with some other friends of hers, food was great, company was great it was nice meeting new people. On my way home as I was walking down her street a couple of kids ran past me and it suddenly hit me that I’ve been here before (well I had visited her before) but what I mean was that I felt like I’d walked down that street alone before…met those nice women before…sat outside on her roof before (when I visited the first time we sat in her kitchen) I could have sworn it wasn’t the first time.

It feels so freaky that I’d remembered most of that night from a dream..and this isn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last.


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Can’t Sleep

Today…I mean yesterday I get home around 3.30, open the tv, find nothing on, search for the Drop Dead Diva torrent, start the download and idiotically sleep for 4 hours even though I know that if I nap during the day I won’t be able to sleep at night…and yes even a 10 min nap will keep me awake.

Now it’s 5am and I still haven’t slept so I’m watching CSI hoping I’ll get a few hours of sleep before I have to go to work. Thank god for Ramadan hours, it means I can sleep in till 11 if I want to.

On the bright side I did find this super awesome wordpress app for my droid which is what I’m using to post this..yes my laptop is right beside me but I’m too lazy to turn it on.

Now that CSI just finished I’m gonna try to sleep.


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