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It’s That Time of the Year Again

Yep, its that time of the year again where we TV addicts look forward to (or dread) the season/series finales.

Finales for my shows start Monday and continue until the last week of May. Well in reality they started last Sunday with The Good Wife (It only had like one OMG! cliffhangery moment, which wasn’t a big deal really).

This year it’s a little different for me. Every year, I’ve trolled spoiler sites and YouTube for promos and spoilers for upcoming sweeps episodes, but this year I’ve been unintentionally staying away from all spoilers and spoilery links and haven’t looked for any episode promos, as tempting as that may be. I usually know everything that’s going to happen before the final episode of the season airs, so I’m never surprised by the end of the season, but since I’ve been too busy and/or too lazy to click on links, lazy would be more like it, I’ve decided that I wanted to be surprised this year.

I already know some tidbits, like there’s gonna be a few deaths this year. Deaths of “major characters” in a couple of my shows, and knowing that they won’t really kill of any main characters from two of the many shows that have been mentioned, I’m guessing the deaths are gonna be either the newbies, or previous characters who have been away all season and then suddenly showed up a few weeks before the finale. I also hear that there’s a possibility that two characters are “finally hooking up” *fingers crossed for that one as I’m hoping it’s for a certain show and a certain two characters I have in mind*.

A few shows I watch are “on the bubble” and haven’t been given early renewal or cancellation news, so my fingers are crossed for at least one of them because it really deserves a proper ending.

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Does Everyone Have a Case of the “Sundays” Today?

Someone's got a case of the SUNDAYS

I wake up early this morning,  by early I mean 8.30, and decide I want to get to work before 10, so I get ready quickly and don’t even bother to make my morning latte since that will definitely set me back at least 20 minutes.

I leave the house at 9.15 walk up to the main street and wait for a bus, 2 buses go by without stopping because they’re both full, so I end up waiting for 15 minutes then taking the big bus which passes by the north gate of the Jordan University. Just before the we pass by it, I decide I might as well pay my internet bill before Umniah decides to disconnect it as it’s already 10 days overdue and I have a few shows to download this week.

I get off the buss at the north gate and go to Umniah where the guy at the desk tells me to wait a few minutes because they seem to be having a problem with their system. I end up waiting about 15 minutes before he tells me that it may take a while since the system is down and apologizes. (Fingers crossed my internet won’t get disconnected tonight).

Since I didnt make any coffee this morning and I was right next door, I decided to go to Snax and get a cappuccino, I walk in, take a look around and ask for a cappuccino, but the guy at the counter tells me the machines are “out of order”. Seriously? WTF!

I start walking towards work, and when I pass by Planet Donuts I tell myself I might as well get myself a Colombian. I walk in and ask the lady at the counter if they have any because usually all they have is Hazelnut…YUCK!  She looks at both coffee pots for what seems like several seconds and then looks back at me and says yes. I ask for a medium columbian and she looks at me like it’s the first time in my life I ever buy a coffee and tells me that there’s no sugar in it…ummmm DUH! I tell her that I know and that I want it black so she asks me what size I would like…dude, I just told you!  So I tell her I want a medium again. She hands me my coffee which costs 1.5JD’s and I hand her 2JD’s. She opens the cash register and OMG there are no 0.50 JD coins, (but there is smaller change), so she looks towards her co worker like this is a huge problem and calls him over to solve it. So the guy (who seems to be a genius of sorts, or a magician) hands me my change in smaller coins and I leave.

I was going to go to the ATM for some cash but decided against it…I didn’t want the day to get any worse. 😛

Update: I went out to Tche Tche after work to meet my cousins for coffee…we all decide on a white chocolate mocca and were about to order when the waiter frowns at us and apologizes…no hot drinks because the coffee machines are out of order. After coffee I went to Mecca Mall to pay my internet bill…thankfully their computers were working this time and I finally paid the bill.

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