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It’s That Time of the Year Again

Yep, its that time of the year again where we TV addicts look forward to (or dread) the season/series finales.

Finales for my shows start Monday and continue until the last week of May. Well in reality they started last Sunday with The Good Wife (It only had like one OMG! cliffhangery moment, which wasn’t a big deal really).

This year it’s a little different for me. Every year, I’ve trolled spoiler sites and YouTube for promos and spoilers for upcoming sweeps episodes, but this year I’ve been unintentionally staying away from all spoilers and spoilery links and haven’t looked for any episode promos, as tempting as that may be. I usually know everything that’s going to happen before the final episode of the season airs, so I’m never surprised by the end of the season, but since I’ve been too busy and/or too lazy to click on links, lazy would be more like it, I’ve decided that I wanted to be surprised this year.

I already know some tidbits, like there’s gonna be a few deaths this year. Deaths of “major characters” in a couple of my shows, and knowing that they won’t really kill of any main characters from two of the many shows that have been mentioned, I’m guessing the deaths are gonna be either the newbies, or previous characters who have been away all season and then suddenly showed up a few weeks before the finale. I also hear that there’s a possibility that two characters are “finally hooking up” *fingers crossed for that one as I’m hoping it’s for a certain show and a certain two characters I have in mind*.

A few shows I watch are “on the bubble” and haven’t been given early renewal or cancellation news, so my fingers are crossed for at least one of them because it really deserves a proper ending.

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It’s Like It Has a Mind of Its Own…I Swear

schizophrenic tv

I live alone and have three TVs in my apartment, only one of which actually work. I have one in the living room, one in what was my parents bedroom before they moved back to our home in Zarka, and the only working one is of course in my bedroom. 

The TV in my parents bedroom works, but the satellite cable needs to be replaced because the current one is so old it’s fallen apart, the satellite also needs re-positioning and since I can’t do all that on my own, I just ignore its existance. 

The one in the living room is hooked to the same satellite dish the TV in my bedroom is hooked to, the receiver is fine too, but I swear the TV has a mind of its own. You see, one day you turn it on and it’s fine, you spend a week or two watching stuff on it, then one day a few weeks later, you turn it on to watch something while you’re in the kitchen and it’s suddenly stopped working and all you’re getting is that damn blank blue screen. This “mood swing” will go on for several weeks until one day you turn it on and guess what, it’s working again. 

The last time I watched something on it, or should I say the last time it was working was last summer. It’s refused to work since then, and this has been the longest “mood swing” until now, so I just gave up and decided to ignore the damn thing until it got over itself.

Then last night, almost a year later, I had a dream. I don’t remember the details but someone or something told me to open the TV because it was working again, the same someone or something also told me never to turn it off. I know, weird, right? 

I remembered this dream at work so I told myself I’d give it a try as soon as I got home. After I had my dinner and watched the latest episode of Unforgettable, I went to the living room and turned the TV on expecting to get the blue screen as usual. But surprise surprise, as soon as I switched it to AV2 it worked!

So since that part of my dream came true, I’ve decided to take the advice of whoever or whatever it was that told me to keep the TV on forever, and never turn it off. Well not literally, I’m not going to turn it off using the power button or pull the plug out. I am however going to use the off button on the remote instead, since that will keep the TV on AV2. Of course I’m hoping that this will work, unless there’s a power outage, then I’ll cross my fingers and hope that when I turn it back on again and switch to AV2 it’ll still be working.

Its not like I’m really gonna be sitting in the living room from now on watching it since I’d rather be in bed while I watch my shows, but it would be nice to have a TV on when I’m in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes. I suspect the real reason I haven’t cooked much this past year is because I haven’t had anything to keep me entertained while I spend a few hours in the kitchen. 


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A Review of Doctor Who – Part I

Part One – Why I Started Watching a Show I Never in a Million Years Thought I’d Like

10th and 11th Doctors

A few years ago a very good friend of mine told me that I had to start watching Doctor Who, I think it was in it’s first or second back then. I’m sad to say that I ignored her, you see I’m one of those people who hate anything even remotely related to science fiction, I hate aliens, space, spaceships, shows set on planets other than Earth or set in spaceships (this goes for books, movies and television) and I really hate shows that replace the main actors(s) and then having a totally different dude play the same character.

This hatred of all things spacey” comes from being forced to watch, or should I say put up with, Star Trek the Next Generation & Babylon 5, with my siblings. It was back when we only had 4 television channels to watch and only one aired dramas in English, so if I wasn’t out on the balcony spying on the neighbors and watching people come and go outside, then I was stuck inside while that crap was on. Winters were the worst because then it was either freeze to death in your room or watch that crap with your siblings in the warm living room next to the heater.

But that wasn’t the only reason I refused to watch Doctor Who. I have these distant memories of it airing on TV in Australia back in the 80’s (I was like 8 or 9 I think, but I could have been much younger) and I remember hating it, although I have no idea why I did.

Then when Doctor Who was in it’s 5th season, another friend started telling me how cool it was and saying that I’d love it, she then linked me to a clip of The Doctor and his fez on YouTube, which I have to admit that I liked, so I told her that as soon as I had time I would try out a few episodes. (You see how lucky I am, I’m blessed with friends who have exceptional taste in television shows so I’m kinda screwed because right now I’m addicted to more shows than I can watch or download)

Over a year later I decided it was time to see if this show was even worth watching (not because two awesome people tried to convince me to watch, and not because winter hiatus was coming up in the USA and this year I’d have nothing to watch for a few weeks until my shows were back, and not because I finally had a chance to download all the episodes and specials while I was visiting my sister who has super fast internet compared to mine, but because The Bloggess tweeted that she’d started watching it and that it was awesome..yes this is a true story)

this is the tweet that got me addicted

Although for me it went more like this:

Episode 1: Hmmm, killer plastic….interesting.

Episode 2: Ewww, aliens…this is stupid, total crap.


So the question I keep asking myself now is, “OMG! What the fuck took me so long to watch this!”

I think it’s time to end this post but before I do, keep this in mind, the review (or reviews) that will follow this later on are written by someone who, yes, is addicted to a million and one shows already (mostly crime shows), but also hates all shows like this one…every single thing I swore I’d never ever watch is in this show and let me tell you that it really is amazing, maybe Beiber (gag) was right…never say never.

TBC in: A Review of Doctor Who – Part II

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My Latest Hiatus Obsession(s)

Unless you have cable in the middle east, you have to put up with regular free to air satellite channels that either air Arab crap, or a few English channels which all air the same movies and shows over and over and over.

Even newer seasons of shows air a few years after they were shown in the USA (CSI is up to it’s 12th season in the USA but here they’ve only aired up to 9). Hell there are even shows that have never aired on any Arab channel and never will (Wilfred & Game of Thrones are good examples of shows that will never see the light of day on free to air channels). And even the shows that make it end up getting censored. Grey’s Anatomy has all the Calizona scenes censored out, so unless you’ve watched the uncut episode, sometimes you stare at the TV and wonder WTF because you didn’t understand what just happened when the scene was cut half way through, why, because Callie smiled at Arizona, or hugged her, or held her hand.

This is why I download all my shows, I like to watch the latest episode right away and that episode being uncensored is a huge bonus.

I have a bunch of summer shows, so I don’t get bored during the big hiatus and long wait until it’s Fall and all my shows are back, but what does one do during winter hiatus where there are no shows at all to watch? Well I for one get addicted to new shows (like I don’t have enough to watch already). 

unforgettableThis year I decided to give a few new shows a try, and a few old ones, which I downloaded while I was in Dubai last November. The first show I watched was Unforgettable (all 11 episodes), it’s still in its first season, and the reason I wanted to give it a try was because Poppy Montgomery was in it (if you remember she was Sam in Without a Trace). I can honestly say that the show is awesome and I really really hope CBS renew it for another season.


The second show I watched was Ringer (all 10 episodes), I’ve never liked Sara Michelle Gellar much, I really hated her in Buffy, but I’d seen part of the Ringer pilot on TV and I got hooked.

What really caught my attention was that this show was different and the suspense does keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s about Identical twin sisters Bridget & Siobhan, estranged for the last six years find that their lives are both unraveling at the same time. Bridget, a recovering addict, is on the run from the mob after witnessing a murder. She flees to her sister’s home & they seem to be repairing relationship until Siobhan mysteriously disappears during a boat trip the sisters take together.

Then I had to choose between The Big Bang Theory (all 5 seasons) and Doctor Who (all 6 seasons and the specials). Since I wasn’t that optimistic that I’d like Doctor Who even though I’d promised a friend I’d give it a try (I hate science fiction, I hate aliens, I do like time travel though, and I hate it when shows keep changing main actors every few seasons) so I decided to go with The Big Bang Theory. I’d watched a few episodes on TV and I loved it. I started to watch on a weekend and I couldn’t stop, I think I ended up watching one season a day. I finished it in less than a week.

And finally I was left with Doctor Who, I’ve been watching for almost 2 weeks now and I’m almost half way through the final season, I should be done watching it by tomorrow.

I’m so glad I left the best till last, I’m totally hooked, I honestly can’t stop watching, I spent the last 2 weekends in bed watching one season a day. I stay up till 2am on weekdays after I get home from work watching, every time I finish an episode I promise myself the next one will be the last for the night…it never is.

And yes, I’m writing this blog post while I watch episode 5 of Doctor Who’s season 6, it’s actually the first kinda boring episode so it doesn’t need my full attention…yet.

I may review Doctor Who in a future post, if I ever get around to it…it really is that awesome and deserves one.

Hiatus is now over, actually has been over for a week now and I have a bunch of new episodes of my shows to watch (over 18 hours worth) but I can’t until I’m done with The Doctor.

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