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So Time Travel IS Real!?

Just plain awesome! I wonder how many people actually answered this ad thinking that it was real.

I see someone is a huge dr who fan

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A Review of Doctor Who – Part II

Part Two – The Doctor Explained

Shhhhh...don't tell anyone how awesome this show is

First of all, Doctor Who is a British show (for those of you who love the fake British accent, of course their accents are real, not fake..this little note is dedicated to one person I know who will totally get this while everyone else who reads this will be thinking WTF).

Secondly, Doctor Who is a science fiction program, full of aliens, space travel, as well as time travel and there even is a parallel universe.

Third of all, Doctor who is like a really really old show, originally running from 1963 – 1989, there are probably over 700 episodes out there (no I didn’t watch all 700+, come on, when would I find the time for all that!)…and to date there have been eleven doctors (I’ll explain the bit about 11 doctors later on)…but they “rebooted” the show in 2005, and so far it’s been on for six seasons, a seventh on the way later this year.

The 10th Doctor and the TARDISSo basically the show is about the adventures of a Time Lord, a time travelling 903 year old alien, who looks *gasp* human. He travels through time and space, almost always with a companion, in his TARDIS, which stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. It’s a small blue wooden policebox (the one in the picture –> ) and don’t let the size of it fool you, it’s bigger on the inside, and when I say bigger I mean it’s HUGE…swimming pools, stairs, corridors, name it the TARDIS has it. If you want to get to the closet you have to take your first left, 2nd right, 3rd on the left, go straight ahead, under the stairs, past the bins, and it’s the 5th door on your left. Kinda makes you wish they really existed and that you had one of your own.

Time Lords come from the planet Gallifrey and The Doctor (no his name is not Doctor Who, just “The Doctor”) is the last of them…the rest of the time lords were all killed along with the Daleks during the Time War. The Doctor looks completely human except that he has two hearts.

Time Lords have this awesome little trick. They have the ability to regenerate whenever they’re near death, which means they come back to life looking completely different, in a brand new body and with a whole new personality. They can end up being older, younger, thinner, fatter and they can even come back as the opposite sex, (now THAT would be interesting) anything is possible. All the incarnations of The Doctor share  the consciousness, memories, experience and basic personality of the previous incarnations. This actually brings a question to mind, if Time Lords can regenerate just before they die, then how the fuck did a whole planet of them get killed off? To quote River Song“Spoilers.” So I guess you’d need to watch to know exactly what happened to them.

As annoying as it might be when The Doctor has to regenerate, it’s probably the reason why Doctor Who’s been so successful. I love how they made something so complicated as a main actor leaving the show into something so simple and normal and part of the show. Of course the downside is that you need to get used to a whole new actor and character, but  it does get easier after a few incarnations. So far there have been 11 incarnations of The Doctor, The 2005 reboot has already had three to date and so far I have to say that Ten is my favorite.

The Doctor has a lot of enemies, but he’s not evil and he’s not a murder, he’s actually a pacifist (he hates guns and doesn’t carry one around with him, his only weapon is his sonic screwdriver, which is really really cool by the way) and will try his best to reason with the enemy, yes even the Daliks who killed off all his people, but we still see a lot of alien deaths.

And now that you know who The Doctor is, and a little about the show, I can move on to the third and final post in my Doctor Who Review (I swear the rhyming was accidental)

TBC in the third and final part: A Review of Doctor Who – Part III


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