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Remember That One Time…When You Had a Life?

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Twitter for Dummies

I have to admit that I love Twitter more than Facebook. No games and applications, no random likes of annoying meaningless pages, no annoying tags appearing in your feed, and no one tagging you in meaningless photos and then having 100’s of meaningless notifications appearing out of nowhere from people you’ve never heard off, and all that crap.

I’m trying to get some of my FB friends on board, I’ve succeeded in converting one friend (aka habooleh) and another friend (batee5a) has been trying it out for a while, but it seems to me that she can’t get the hang of it, so this post is dedicated to anyone who’s thinking of giving Twitter a chance, and anyone who has but doesn’t really understand how it works and what to do. (And by the way, I’m going to assume that you know how to use Facebook, also this is the way I use Twitter, it’s not necessarily right, but it’s the way I got the hang of things and how it grew on me) 

Ok, let’s start:


You know how on Facebook you have your news feed where you see what your friends have been up to via status updates or shared photos etc, well Twitter has the same thing, but only with “status” updates (aka tweets). You can still share links by posting them and photos (via yfrog or twitpic).

In order to enjoy Twitter you need to FOLLOW people. Following is just like “friending” on Facebook except you don’t have to send a request unless that person has set their posts to private. Then you have to wait till they “add” you or give you permission to follow them.

Don’t follow people who never tweet, or have never tweeted, or tweet once a year. This is the reason why you may find it so boring, also don’t just follow the 2 or 3 people you actually know and call it a day, in order to really enjoy twitter and make the most our of it, along with your acquaintances, follow people who interest YOU. They don’t have to be actual people, they can be companies, newspapers, magazines, celebrities, writers, bloggers, or random fictional characters whose tweets make you smile, or even a random stranger who shares the same love for giant metal chickens as you do. Also you don’t have to follow everyone who follows you, if you don’t find them interesting enough, then just don’t follow them, if they seem like they’re spammers (you’ll know because when you go to their profile all their posts are just spammy links on how to make more money, or whatever) then you can block them and/or report them for spam.

Don’t follow random people who tweet too much, and by too much I mean every 5 minutes or less, tweeting random links and ads. Those people are known as spammers…and are just as annoying as those Facebook friends who fill up your news feed with random crap and you end up unsubscribing from all their updates. You may also find that some celebs and other people you’re following are just as annoying by tweeting way too much, so try not to follow those because then you’ll wake up to 500 new tweets and no time to read the ones you do find interesting. 

Clean out your followers every once in a while (if your tweets aren’t protected) because you’re going to find a lot of spammers and ho’s following you…and you don’t want anyone (like your boss, or significant other) to find nude profile pics of your followers while they’re spying on who you’re following and who your followers are.

It’s not a competition, you don’t have to follow hundreds of people just because other people you know are, or else you won’t have time to catch up on any tweets, and at the same time you don’t have to have hundreds of followers.

I follow 37 people who are made up of mostly friends and people I know in real life (some have only joined twitter and have yet to tweet), celebrities & writers who I find interesting like @shondarhimes (creator of Greys Anatomy & Private Practice)@ajcookofficial@pagetpaget (both actresses from Criminal Minds), @LizVassey (who played Wendy on CSIand @TJThyne (who plays Hodgens on Bones), awesome and funny people like @hamzahmoin@shitmydadsays and the funniest of all @TheBloggess, people who tweet show spoilers like @MichaelAusiello because I’m still a spoiler ho, and that’s about it. I used to follow a bunch of other actors and writers but it was just too much for me to keep up with so I created another twitter account, @aussiesfavorite, and added them all on there to catch up on whenever I’m bored. 

I hope this post helps anyone who’s thinking of joining the awesome world of Twitter or has joined and is wondering what to do next.

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People Like This Are Why Stabbing Should Be Legal

(Title stolen from a comment a very good friend of mine made on the FB status I posted yesterday about this subject)

Apparently I’ve done something unthinkable and unforgivable according to an idiot out there. Who would have thought I could really piss someone off with my meaningless blog which no one probably reads unless I pimp out my latest posts on Facebook, Twitter and G+.

Yesterday I got a comment (which instead of approving and replying to, I’m writing my final post for 2011 about) on my last blog post.  This idiot is demanding I take down my blog because I’m “stealing” their reader base. How am I doing that? Well according to them it seems that when someone wants to search for their blog on Google, mine comes up first. Insane right! (The secret is that I bribed the folks at Google because I really have it in for this person I’ve never heard off). Mwahahaha.

Actually the comment really made my day and had me ROTFLMFAO…not only was it hilarious…but they actually think that my meaningless blog is so popular, I have thousands of readers….also that they seem to think that their blog is popular enough to have just as many readers (maybe even more than me…which I found even funnier) and that I wanted to steal them all by creating this blog.

Here’s the comment:

Hello, aussieforgood. This is relatively unrelated to your post, but I wanted to express my dis-contempt with the domain name you’ve chosen. You see, the domain of my wordpress is*, and when my loyal fans choose to Google search it, your blog comes up first in the index. I’d like you to take the entire thing down, you’re taking my reader base, that is unforgivable. Thanks.

*I’m not posting their “domain” name in this post just in case their loyal readers who are now reading my blog realize that I’m the wrong person and then go back to reading that idiots blog, and we wouldn’t want that to happen, so I’m substituting it with idiot..also there may be a blog out there with a domain name that starts with idiot..if there is I apologize to you for associating you with this idiot, I really didn’t mean to make fun of your blog, I’m pretty sure any blog with a domain name starting with idiot is an awesome one.

Just for clarification, this persons “domain name” is kinda the same as mine but has an extra letter in there somewhere.

And now, just in case the writer of the comment above (which will never be approved and will be moved to the trash as soon as I publish this post) comes back to read my blog, this is my official reply:

  • Dude, what can I do, wordpress made that name available to me…at first I tried 1 “u” then 2, those were taken, 3 “u‘s” were available so I just snatched it up without thinking that maybe someone has the exact same domain name but wanted to add an extra letter in there…next time try taking all domain names close to yours and make them unavailable to everyone else. (OMG!! I just realized that I’m probably stealing all the loyal readers of the other 2 domain names that were already taken!! Oh no!! This means I’m not just stealing your reader base but other peoples too! How evil of me! Oh my, how am I supposed to sleep at night)
  • Try updating your blog regularly instead of ditching it in February then coming back to it in December…maybe your readers (if you really have any) would have stuck around had you been updating in the last 9 months.
  • As of yesterday you have a total 10 blog posts, I have 60…maybe you should take down your blog…not that I see it as any kind of threat to me since I know the people who read my blog, or should I say, I know the people who I want reading my blog, and I don’t think they’ll be interested in reading yours.
  • Maybe you should Google how to get your blog’s ranking higher up in Google instead of Googling your blog, maybe you can find out what a sitemap is and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Oh and please don’t take my use of the word idiot personally…I’m just one of those people who agree with House and I like to call all idiots “idiot”.

I think I’ve done enough idiot bashing for one day. And finally to all my readers (and the ones I’ve stolen) have a happy new year and see you in 2012.

Now back to my Doctor Who marathon.


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