Check out my Redbubble Store!

Looking for cool stickers, phone cases, t-shirts and more? Well, look no further because I finally have a Redbubble shop!

It’s only about a month old, but I do try and post several new designs weekly. I’m still trying to see what kind of content is more popular before I stick to one theme so enjoy the randomness.

You’ll find quotes from tv shows, various prints and patterns, photos, as well as other designs. I can take requests, and if you like something but don’t like the colour of background colour or want it in another colour to match something then you can drop me a bubblemail and let me know what it is you want and I can change it around for you.

Click here to visit my redbubble shop, and I hope you find something you like.

Here are some of my designs from the sticker page.


Oh, and if Redbubble isn’t your thing, I’ve also set up a store on Threadless and SunFrog, so go check them out. Just a warning that there’s not that much stuff up on those stores yet, because they need more work than Redbubble to set up and require different dimensions for different designs.


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Snowpocalypse 2015


Wednesday 7th January 2015


Wednesday 7th January 2015 (a few hours later)


Friday 9th January 2015

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Long Time No Post

It’s been ages since I’ve last posted here. So much for my personal goal; to post at least once a month no matter what.

I really don’t know what to blame it on: crappy internet (before finding a new provider) or a laptop that used to overheat before finally fixing it because the good one was hooked up to the TV so that I could watch my shows or how about way too many shows to watch, so many in fact that it’s going to take me at least a year to get through them all…or I could just blame it on all of the above.

Hopefully starting today I’m going to start posting randomness here on a monthly basis at the very least….

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You’re Welcome

If you haven’t already noticed, then I’ll be more than happy to state the obvious: the World Cup 2014 logo is basically a facepalm. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it….ever. 

world cup brazil 2014 facepalm

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And Rest This Afternoon

rest this afternoon

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The First Step Towards Forgiveness…


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Goodnight Raggedy Man

doctor who raggedy man

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